Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Islam is the enemy

The Muslim countries that claim that Islam is a religion of peace never speak out against terrorists acts. Where are their ambassadors having press conferences to condemn radical Muslims. Islam requires the allegiance of all Muslims so that their first loyalty is always to Islam regardless of the level of extremism. There should be no more fence sitting for Muslim countries. They need to start policing their own or face a declaration of war. Where are the American Muslims lining up to enlist in our military to destroy those that give peaceful Islam a bad name? How many more Fort Hoods and numerous other incidents of Muslim soldiers turning on their own will it take for America to wake up? This is a war of religion not an isolated extremist faction. The sooner we name the enemy the better. The Muslims released from Guantanamo are laughing their asses off as they go straight back to the battlefield. The enemy has studied American culture especially during Vietnam when claims of killing women and children doomed the administration. A country that doesn't have running water can make sure to get a video tape of so-called dead children killed by our forces to the media immediately, not telling anyone that those children are 13 to 20 years old. Heavily armed Insurgents when they are alive and civilians after they are dead. The Nazis taught them well about the importance of propaganda that is demonstrated by a television in most middle eastern homes regardless of how poor.

Win the hearts and minds?

News commentators ponder why we have cracks in our security? Our president calls the enemy an isolated extremist? Did I miss something in the news that the war is over? I am dumbfounded by the stupid inept leadership that our country has. We have been at war in Afghanistan for over 8 years. We have the worlds most powerful military led by a bunch of college educated Generals and Admirals that speak politician instead of war speech. General Norman Schwarzkopf said it best “War is a profane thing.”. What is profane about this war is that you have no leadership committed to what is required to achieve victory. The Air force may as well stay home. Why is there no air campaign with maximum sorties? Remember the countless air sorties in the first gulf war? The launches off carriers 24 hours a day. The countless pounding of cruise missiles landing on Iraqi installations. We could have saved many lives by getting Saddam Hussein out of power during the first War in Iraq. When will we declare war on Afghanistan or Pakistan where our enemies hide? If you harbor Terrorists you are a terrorist (didn't I hear that somewhere before). We must win or leave. To trickle troops year after year is criminal and needs to stop. Our enemies will not go away if we pretend they are just isolated disturbed criminals. President Trumans use of overwelming force on Japan was the text book example of winning the hearts and minds of the Japanese. I cant recall the Japanese trying to blow up airplanes lately. Semper Fi

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The "Progressive" Tax

The government is working towards what they call historical health care legislation. The EPA now wants to regulate how much I exhale. I have the solution to all this progressive uproar. I call it the "Progressive" tax. The "Progressive" tax is not anything to complain about, it is absolutely wonderful and should not be controversial at all. It is a tax everyone can agree on and should agree on. It is the last tax any freedom loving "Progressive" should ever ask for. It is a really simple process and one the "Community Organizers" can really appreciate. They would have to protest every business or individual they thought should pay the "Progressive" tax. The "Progressive" tax is strictly voluntary and would be on utility bills. If you want to pay double the price for your utilities their would be a box to tell you what it is. If you don't, you would pay normal price. All the money paid to the "Progressive" tax would be allocated to third world countries through the UN. Only after progressive programs here at home like medicare, medicaid, section 8 housing programs,unemployment. Let the voluntary "Progressives" decide. They want to live in a global society let the UN allocate all "Progressive" programs here in the U.S. from this tax. I think this tax would only require a few employees and they could hire more as the need rises out of "Progressive" U.N. funds of course. So let the lawmakers get busy drafting the bill to pass the "Progressive" tax now. Who am I to stand in their way. Our president is passionate about it. So let them get started practicing volunteerism today.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The new community organizations

I would like to ask if you would ever make the mistake and claim there were 57 states in the US? Is he the Manchurian Candidate? He wont or cant produce a birth certificate. Remember he was raised in Indonesia as Barry Soetoro. I don't know anything about Indonesia or how many states they have. Why did he change his name? How many names has he had? This guy is really smelling fishy. Who is giving him his orders? Calling the shots? Setting the agenda? What the hell is his agenda? Nothing makes sense about this guy. Media like Bill O'Reilly are scratching their heads trying to figure this guy out. Have you ever seen him answer a question? He will talk in circles for so long that you don't care what the original question was never giving an answer.

As I type Wade Rathke is off setting up ACORN Global. Andy Stern is setting up SEIU Global. Why does the President go around the world apologizing for America? He is the pitchman and face of ACORN Global and SEIU Global. Workers of the world unite is Andy Sterns pitch for SEIU Global. This is the Communists call to arms. Wade Rathke is training "community organizers" overseas to do exactly what they have done to the U.S. (Bankrupt it through intimidation and social justice) see "cloward-piven strategy". Andy Stern is setting up SEIU overseas. These men are doing this right now as I type. This is the progressive long term strategy growing to maturity. It started in the 70s with the community reinvestment act. This act opened the doors for the community organizations to shakedown the lending institutions. Want to know what Obama's next move is ? Ask yourself what is good for Andy Stern and Wade Rathke.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

You lying criminal commies in Washington

I sit and watch the senate come out smiling about having a health care bill that the American people want? All I can say is watch these bastards pass this government crap and get their hands on your health care dollars. It is time to pay back the unions and George Soros and get the new world order under way. I have called, written, and protested until I am blue in the face. Our country is broke and it is being done on purpose to make us submissive to a world government. Redistribution of wealth is happening as we speak. The states are broke. What is going to happen in California? They take an extra 10% in payroll withholding and call it a loan? The entitlements have got to end and when they do? What will happen when people in public housing don't get their rent paid? What happens when their food stamp debit cards don't work anymore? What other subsidies have to end? Oh they can't go to the doctor for free anymore and get that prescription for medical Marijuana. The L.A. Riots are going to look tame. Oh well, off to
Walmart to buy some more Ammo.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Principles Before Party

Republicans have decided to run a candidate in New York that is more liberal than the Democrat's candidate. This race is important and ground breaking as to the birth of a new movement in this country. Some say it is an Independent party, others a third party. The number of parties is irrelevant at this time in American history. "Principles Before Party" has to become clear for every American. We are facing a communist takeover of our country. They have control of the Federal, State and local governments. Our education system is controlled by special interests. Unions indoctrinate our children into thinking life is supposed to be fair. They teach envy and selfishness that each person is entitled to everything someone else has.

Global Internationalists are a cult of people that are usually Communists, Marxists, Socialists, One world holding hands "Anti-Americans". You cannot be one of these people without being anti-American. Our country is the only one of its kind ever in history. I believe that our country and the idea that man is born with freedom and rights granted by the Creator instead of loaned by the government or the church to be removed at its will. This principle that formed our country was and is the true Holy Grail of mankind. The founders divine inspiration to form our country was truly the Grail that these men sought.

We as Americans cannot look at Republican, Democrat or parties anymore. We must look at whether someone is a "Global Internationalist" or a Refounder "Principles Before Party". We need candidates that think America is the greatest nation. We don't need or want to be part of the UN that is a club of Global Internationalists Tyrants. Let the UN leave American soil. We need to take our education system back from special interests. We must educate our children that they are born in the greatest country in the world. History will be written in the days to come. What is written about it is entirely up to you.

Friday, October 16, 2009

No social security increase?

The Washington post and every other media outlet makes the same omission when reporting on money from the government. The one fact that is never included is that these people are receiving their own money back that was confiscated from them and their paychecks for decades. The government is doing them no favors by allowing them to have some of their own money back. They never mention what happened to all the money these seniors have had to pay for decades to these programs that now they say are broke? Why are they broke? What happened to the Lock Box? Medicare is broke. What happened to all the money that the seniors payed for decades? I know what happened to the money. They spent it! Oh yeah they did! Remember government cannot give you anything unless they take it from you first or take it from someone else. Keep that in mind. The health care debate is about cutting seniors care and transferring it to union retirees. Now they don't want to give them a cost of living raise. The administration is trying to bribe seniors with their own money.


Another birthday has came and went and I try not to think about how old I am. Do I need to renew my License? Did it cost this much to register the cars last year? Many things rush through my head. Mr Beck shows another Video that is alarming but the alarm goes unanswered. The bloggers blog away about a balloon boy hoax. Republicans dream of next year and then 2012 they are in denial is all I can think. Bill O'Reilly takes a vacation recently and comes back to FOX neutered on anything having to do with the administration. What happened to the John Adams project Lawyers Mr. O'Reilly was looking into? What about outing our CIA members? The no spin zone is starting to look like a nursery school. Fluff, Fluff,Fluff, What do they have on Mr.O'Reilly? The administration has sure received a pass from Mr.O'Reilly.

Now that our government has been overcome by communists sympathisers. I can only speak to what I have read and what I have witnessed in my lifetime. Mr. Nixon goes to China and receives a couple Panda bears for his efforts. Was Nixon a Commie lover like the present administration? Jimmy Carter was and is a commie lover of the weakest kind. Then came Uncle Ronnie. I had the privilege of serving with Ronald Reagan as my "Commander in Chief". Mr. Reagan made it OK to be a proud American. After Carter there wasn't much to be proud of. George Bush became president and began to build the slide to Bill Clinton. I remember Ross Perot trying to warn people about NAFTA. With his chicken foot pointer stick. I ask myself a question for many years. Why would the United States of America transfer all of its best paying manufacturing jobs to China? Can anyone explain that with something other than Treason. The Educated Elite in this country have decided to reward the rest of the world with the wealth of our nations middle class. The communists agenda that has been taught in our schools by radicals of the sixties and seventies has allowed for this transfer of Jobs and wealth. The actions of those in Washington is beyond what I would call incompetence. I would dismiss their actions as incompetent because I really couldn't think of them as treasonous commie sympathisers. Was the swift boat veterans right? Was John Kerry planted in Vietnam to lend credibility to his political aspirations? Can anyone point out one conservative Vietnam veteran serving in our Senate or Congress? Was John McCain a liberal college kid before becoming a fighter pilot. My being a veteran and swearing an oath to uphold and defend against all enemies. I cannot see how these men have sat back in Washington and not only allowed but aided in committing treason upon the American people. What is the solution? Is there a solution? I will not give up the fight!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The train has left the station for the Republican party

Lindsey Graham states that the other side of the mountain is worth looking at. Communism is worth looking at? People wonder why the Republicans are in the dumper. Stop trying to be Democrats. I view Democrats as Marxists Communists that want to be Cuba! I view Republicans as Socialists willing to listen to Marxists Ideas. America doesn't stand a chance with these two parties. After doing some research on a local issue here in my hometown. I have discovered "ACORN", and the "National Council of La Raza" controlling both parties. Look up what community organizations are in your town. God help the Republic. Neither of these two parties will!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Liberals will always get it "Wrong"

Do you ever wonder what is going on in this world. Up is down. Not a damn thing our government does makes sense! Maybe this will help explain it. This administration will always be on the wrong side of history.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shedding the Republican wool

I am amazed at the reaction of so-called conservatives after Glenn Beck states that John McCain would have been worse than Obama. The fact that people are having such a harsh reaction to it confirms Mr.Becks point. Mr. McCain would be granted a pass such as the one he is receiving now because of his republican label. The shedding of the republican party is a hard wool for many people to shed. So-called conservative blogs tout defending the Constitution yet when a reader leaves a comment that questions republicans, they remove the comment. Censorship is hypocrisy. This article lists all the things that Mr.McCain would not have done as president. I am still waiting for Mr.McCain to express his outrage at the administration for conducting a witch hunt on the CIA, Appointing Communist czars, Apologizing for America around the world, taking over the banks and auto companies. He is not criticizing the policies of the administration. His silence tells the story and not just for Mr.McCain but all republicans. This is not the time for fence sitting. History will judge the lackluster republicans that did nothing to defend our Constitution and whom will deny blame while freedom fades away.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Reverse Hate Crime!

An African American has been elected president. The racial barriers have fallen or have they been moved well beyond the bounds of equality? President Obama without any facts states that "police acted stupidly" when arresting his friend. Van Jones tells a group "We are going to have to get uppity in here to get what we want" (Social justice). What message is being sent to the black community? Shall we take a look? A white family in Akron, Ohio is beaten at a fireworks display show by black thugs and told it is a black country now. Teachers in school hear things like "you white people dont know nothing about the struggles of blacks" when questioning black students about assignments. This came from a 16 yr old female black student that lives a very comfortable life in the suburbs. The Williams sister Tennis tantrum, when did this attitude show up? Threatening a judge because a call didnt go your way. Terrelle Pryor, Quarterback at OSU wears the words Michael Vick on his face during the game with Navy. Does he hate dogs or is he making a militant statement? Kanye West bullies a 19 year old white country singer on national TV. This ST. Louis student is not allowed to sit down on the bus and takes a beating because he is white. Something is taking place in our country and it is not positive. Check out

Saturday, September 12, 2009

MSM Teaparty coverage

Dick Armey is to blame for his Rowdy Yates "right wing nuts and crack pots unleashed on Washington". A very uncivilized bunch according to MSNBC. A large Police presence is required. Here is the Official AP photo used on NBC,ABC and CBS. Can you say "PhotoShop". Is something fishy about the signs and sizes of the people? What say you?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Its Ok to have a Communist in the White House?

I wonder why we are owned by Communist China. It seems to be acceptable for Communst to be in the White House. So much for the watchdog press. Wake up America!

Green is the new Black

The NAACP came out recently in support of green jobs czar Van Jones. They called for "civility" I must live in a bubble. I didn't realize that the environment was so important to the black community. I had no idea that black organizations like the "Black Panthers" were busy installing recycling containers in black neighborhoods and were working diligently in laboratories to develop the next new wave of energy and battery technology. The Sierra club, Ducks unlimited, Greenpeace, Conservation international, and Earth liberation Front must be growing in membership like never before. I must of missed that Jesse Jackson march along the river picking up trash and all the protests to clean up the waterways. I didn't realize that Bird watching was so popular in the black community. I have yet to see a public service announcement encouraging recycling sponsored by the NAACP. I missed the public service announcement about the NBA players association trading their Escalades for the Toyota Prius. Where is the public service announcement from SnoopDog advocatiing recycling and nuclear energy. What Van Jones calls environmental justice is just a fancy name for slave reparations. Obama was apposed to reparations because they didn't go far enough. The mask is off this administration and its racist organizations.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

MSM "parents too stupid to raise children"

The White House Knew Mr.Jones

Intersting Mao info: Starting in 1951, Mao initiated two successive movements in an effort to rid urban areas of corruption by targeting wealthy capitalists and political opponents, known as the three-anti/five-anti campaigns. A climate of raw terror developed as workers denounced their bosses, wives turned on their husbands, and children informed on their parents; the victims often being humiliated at struggle sessions, a method designed to intimidate and terrify people to the maximum. Mao insisted that minor offenders be criticized and reformed or sent to labor camps, "while the worst among them should be shot. (Source Wiki)

I love documentaries!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sheep or Sheepdogs?

I am witnessing a time in our country when working people are having to stand up and be heard. They(we) have an energy on our side that is building momentum. We have had decades of communism infiltrating our government and our education system. People want to blame the Democrats for the problems in this country. I would like to remind folks that we have had a two party system in this country for too long. I would compare it to being mugged by two robbers. One holds the gun on you while the other empties your pockets, the whole time criticizing the guy holding the gun . Each time they rob someone they take turns holding the gun. We as a people are at a crossroads that the path we take will decide the loss of liberty in our country. Mr Beck tweeted "Common Sense, Real People Party" Its time has come! A simple Platform is all that is needed. Are we "In or Out"
Semper fi

Friday, September 4, 2009

A wordsmith for the times

I pledge to be the voice for those that “really” have no voice. To consider myself an American, not a conservative or a liberal American. To always find the truth in everything even if it’s not so pretty or popular. I pledge to stand corrected if ever I am wrong as the teacher is also the student and the student is also a teacher. I pledge to be the change “I” wish to see and not the change of another man. I pledge that in one hand I hold a pen, in the other I hold a white rose, in my heart I hold the ink and in my soul I hold a voice that will not be silenced. I pledge to paint each brush stroke with the bristles of my heart and strum my guitar with my soul even if my song goes unsung.
I pledge to make a mistake and learn from it as I am only human, made of flesh and bone like the rest of us. And if I find myself at the bottom of a hole it is only up to me to find the strength to climb out. And if a hole is dug by me, then I pledge to take the blame so long my hands grip the shovel. And should a hole be dug by me, I pledge to take the shame but I will dig it in my own way. I pledge that all mankind keep their families safe, sheltered, educated and informed.I pledge that as Americans leave their homes they do not forget to check the back door as some would take the opportunity to sneak in while you’re away and paint “race” on the walls of America.
I pledge to the Constitution of the United States of America and the braves lives lost in our battles. I pledge that all Americans take a long deep breathe, look up at the sky and rediscover what their freedoms means to them and make a promise to themselves and their loved ones and stick to it. I pledge that when we drive on the roads of our fathers, and those who disagree toss dirt on our windshield, that we each embrace the right to turn our wipers on in order to see the road that has always existed. I pledge to be color blind and not judge a man by the color of his skin but only by his character. I pledge to extend my hand to the man in need and ask for nothing in return, but I pledge to let him go if he torches my flag for my freedom will not be burned.
I pledge to never use propaganda for any political agenda whatsoever. It is my patriotic duty to expose the corruption that threatens the beliefs of our founding fathers for the blood that was shed at the birth of our country will not go forgotten. That includes those that like to play the act of God and assume that one mans rights are more important than another mans rights. I pledge that possession, pleasure and power make all men forget to live and it is us versus ourselves and we cant find the love to give. I pledge that all men should fully understand before they criticize.And that the facts, and only the facts be the fuel for the decisions behind their eyes. I pledge that the foundation of our true beliefs be are our very own and not an extension of the shadows of our parents existence for It only leads to an ignorant resistance.
But most importantly,I pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.Something I have yet to see our president do.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Death of a Lion?

Another era of liberalism is fading into the sunset. Its time has come to step aside for new liberalism (communist radicals)The new radicals were only soiling there diapers and have no idea what took place in the 60s. I know that they have no Idea because I am a baby of 1963. The only vision of the 60s that they have is what has been described and glorified by their radical professors. I have come to realize in this life that emotions are the driving catalyst of liberalism. I think we have all had that one friend that wants to help on a project but what ever he does just creates more work. Liberals cant help themselves they have to help us all. We are too stupid to know what is good for us. This is where self centered superior personalities come into play. I believe they are born or develop an inferiority complex that gets way over compensated for through narcissism.

It is a sad day for liberals now that one of their own is no longer with them. Orrin freaking Hatch describes his friend as a lion? These two retards have been in Washington playing god as long as I have been alive. What possibly could they have in common with the working people of this country. Not a damn thing! I am sometimes called twisted, unfeeling and heartless but I will always call it like I see it. I am glad that Ted Kennedy was a life long failure! To spend your entire life in Washington trying to bankrupt this great country and keep as many people in poverty as you can is no small task. Maybe he didn't fail completely. Will he get a library?
These Libtards have no shame and will even exploit children. Never underestimate what lengths they will go to. My thanks to Gatewaypundit for this jewel.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

"CVS Pharmacy" doesn't like Glenn Beck or the Truth

A short, direct and polite e-mail sent to CVS Pharmacies

I would like to inform you that until you restore your ads with Glenn Beck on Fox news channel. You will no longer receive business from myself or my family or friends.
Thank you for providing me with a forum to respond to your press release. Walgreens is right next door.
Rob Fraley
Columbus, Ohio

In a letter received from CVS pharmacy Diversity trumps free speech. Their core values never mention truth, honesty or freedom of speech. Has "diversity" become code for supports racist groups?


Dear Rob Fraley:

Thank you very much for your communication about our decision regarding advertising on the Glenn Beck show.

Our position is simple and was not driven by taking sides in any political debate. We support free speech of all kinds, and vigorous debate, especially around policy issues that affect millions of Americans. But we expect the speech and the debate to be informed, inclusive and respectful, in keeping with our company's core values and commitment to diversity. In our view, Mr. Beck crossed the line.

While advertising on the Fox network is part of our communication plan, we had not requested time on Glenn Beck's show specifically. We have instructed our advertising agency to inform Fox to ensure Glenn Beck's program is not part of our advertising plan.

We're sorry you are unhappy about our decision. Nonetheless, we must continue to be true to our core values - accountability, respect, integrity, openness and teamwork.

Thank you again for your email.


Customer Relations

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Was McCarthy right!

I was loaned a movie recently called (Goodnight, and good luck) George Clooney directs and co-writes this Stab me in the eyes film. I was fascinated by the communist infiltration that is barely portrayed. The movie portrays Joseph McCarthy as an out of control politician on a witch hunt for anyone that disagreed with him. Was McCarthy right, or was he an
overzealous politician. All the pieces of the puzzle lead me to believe that "where there is smoke there is fire". Edward R. Murrow held high positions in international education organizations. I was amazed at the popularity of communism in this country during the great depression. Hard economic times left people searching for a solution even if it meant overthrowing the government. People were card carrying members of the communist party. The vast majority of these communist party members and supporters were so-called educated intellectuals that studied abroad and workers unions. They were welcomed by the communist leadership. Where did they go? What happened to them? They continued to teach the communist curriculum under different names, "progressive" teachings. Nikita Khrushchev stated in 1962 and I quote "your children will be communists" well I dont know about you but I think they are here!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Companies that dont get my money

These companies knuckled under to the czars that Glenn Beck is exposing. What do they have to hide? The Green jobs czar "Van Jones" is a self proclaimed communist going after Glenn Becks advertisers.

Walmart, CVS pharmacies, Clorox, Sprint and UPS stores get no more money from me.
My disclaimer: I never shop Walmart anyway, I live in Columbus, Ohio and think I am in a third world marketplace. Somalis and Mexicans everywhere. I loved CVS Parmacy. They would get about $300.00 a month from me as my corner store. Now Walgreen's built on the same corner will get that money. I wonder if Van Jones will replace that for them. Clorox? Once a year to kill Mulberry bushes along the fence then store brand. Sprint? never! UPS will lose money from Internet purchases. I will choose that top notch competitor The USPS.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009

Senile? I wonder

Somebody tell John McCain that his campaigns are over and maybe he should shut the hell up. He scolded Obama about making statements regarding Pakistan claiming they were Irresponsible. How about making the statement that we need to double the troop strength of the Marines in Afghanistan. Especially when we are trying to trickle our troops out of Iraq. Taliban Al Qaeda didn't waste anytime ordering up some explosions and chaos in Iraq to try and slow the troop withdrawal from Iraq. The last thing the Taliban want is McCain ordering up more of those nasty Marines that seem to want to let them meet their virgins asap. If any future opinions of the war need to be communicated to the president do it privately or Shut the hell up!

Friday, August 14, 2009

The UAW healthcare plan! (repost of June 15, 2009)

I really love how the media debates nationalized health care. What they are missing is the UAW health care plan. Why has health care become a crisis? Are there sick people in the streets? The bigger picture everyone is missing is the fact that the new GM, that has a large UAW ownership, has big plans for the company. They are using their clout in the White House to shift all the health care for their membership and legacy retirees to the American taxpayers! They think this is their leg up against the competition. You know the competition that they have been unable to compete with. This is the most corrupt administration in all of history. Everyone asks who is OBAMA? I can tell you he is a puppet for the unions!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Talk about getting scooped!

This guy knew something a long time before we did. I would like to thank my Big Brother the grave robber.

When does it stop!

Tim Geithner asks congress to increase the debt limit? Do these people have no souls? This train has got to stop or be run off the tracks. We cannot continue to spend money at this pace. Read about it here:

Saturday, August 8, 2009

SEIU "The new Presidents own"

SEIU and many other unions are answering the call of the President to enforce his policies upon the people. The people of this country have thought little about the Mobsters portrayed in the movies until now. It is amazing to watch large men pushing "Grandma and Grandpa" around at a town hall meeting. The white house has really overstepped its bounds. When "the Joker" said that a private citizen and a police department acted "Stupidly" We all thought he had made a new president blunder. We were entirely wrong about that, this man believes it is OK to yell Racism whenever an elitist educated black is arrested. He is fine with having union thugs shove grandma and grandpa out of town hall meetings because they disagree with his agenda for communist policies. I myself have had some union dealings and witnessed union thugs first hand their bully tactics were experienced personally. They intimidate all the way to city hall and now to Washington. Let the unions know that they are the minority in this country. The cameras are on and the people have free speech for now. The media has failed this country but the rise of the new media, Fox, Drudge, and the blogs that share information and lets not forget video will keep the pressure on this communist administration. This administration has gone "all in" in the biggest gamble ever. He has bet his presidency on the complacency of the American people to which I can only say "The emperor has no clothes".

Re-tread Republicans

I have witnessed a pattern lately (within the last year) of familiar faces showing up out of the wood work like scurvy little spiders. They are appearing on news programs and offering commentary to some in the snake oil sales game (Sean Hannity who never had an independent thought in his life without running it by the RNC). People like Newt Gingrich, J.C. Watts, and my favorite turncoat John Kasich among other re-Treads, all are aspiring to re-enter the politics as usual game. I wonder what has prompted their return. Newt is obviously planning a run for the white house, J.C. Watts is running for Governor of his home state of Oklahoma and John Kasich is running for Governor of Ohio. My biggest question is the motives of these men. Are they back in order to fill a vacuum of leadership in the "GOP"? Are they back to try and take votes away from independent candidates? I am very suspicious of these GOP candidates. Independents and conservatives need not be fooled. Ohio under a democrat Governor has a very pro-gun administration that has yet to raise my taxes. John Kasich refuses to take a pro-gun stance yet calls his opponent tax and spend Ted Strickland. The democrat Governor seems to be a conservative! Ohio conservatives need to take notice that their candidate is already sitting in the governor's mansion. Judge these candidates by their actions for they have a track record, and not by the "D" or "R" party affiliation.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A work in progress!!!!!!!!

To be continued..................

Helter Skelter ?

When I see stories about Wayne Rathke the head and founder of ACORN I am puzzled. A white man at the head of a radical militant black group? Somewhere there was a story about a man that wanted to start a racial war. The blacks and people of color would take over the world. This story wasnt from any radical black militants, the nation of Islam, or the "New black panthers". He was a Hippee drifter and self proclaimed songwriter. He was the most influential and dangerous man of his time. He convinced people (The Family) to murder rich white people on his behalf in order to blame it on blacks and start a race war. Of course they would be too stupid to run the world and would come hat in hand to "Charlie" to tell them what to do. They would make him king.

I remember watching an interview with Geraldo Rivera and Charles Manson. "Charlie" gave Geraldo a lesson in spin and propaganda. Geraldo was way out of his league interviewing this guy. He is just a vagrant high school drop out and drifter hippie is probably what Geraldo thought, Geraldo underestimated him, for "Charlie" could take any fact or assertion and turn it to his favor and come out the victim of society and the establishment. Everyone was a victim and he was to blame for nothing. Is ACORN a "family" used by Wayne Rathke? Is there someone higher up the "Family" tree? I think the answers may come out if anyone in the media or in D.C. has the guts to shake the tree. This is a culture war in this country and they have created lots of so-called victims. Freedom loving Americans are off the couch and in the streets in defense of their Constitution. "Charlie" and his "Family of Nuts"(ACORN) must be stopped. This cannot become a race war. They want to make it a race war. They win only by claiming victim status. The words of the late Heath Ledger in the movie "The Patriot" have never rang more true "STAY TRUE TO THE CAUSE" defend the Constitution.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Obama race card!

In America when race relations have healed to a point that a black man has been elected president it is sad that the country would decide that any black man would do instead of electing a black man of character. The country and the media elected a smooth talking well scripted community organizer. It is sad to say that the media failed its country and helped to support this shyster of a man all the way to the white house. It is now apparent what his goals are and have always been. The media just ignored it. He is a radical communist that wants nothing but power for himself and for his people. His people consisting of militant communists that believe that all the wealth of the world has been stripped away from them by the evil white men and the American government. Obama and the democrats continue to tell minorities that they are held down by a white enemy that does not exist. This is the only way to continue to have social power over the minorities.

The white people in America do not exploit them for their own personal gain. The reverend Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and many other so called Hispanic community leaders have to exploit their own people if they didn't then they would have to get a job. It is much easier to keep convincing your own people that you fail because of the evil white establishment. This argument can't hold water anymore. This country is as diverse as any in the world. Racial quotas are discriminating against whites especially in government jobs where Quotas are acceptable. It is time for the black community to start listening to the examples set by Bill Cosby, Tyler Perry and many more. They portray many people in a positive light and set no limits on what someone of any color can accomplish with hard work and a little faith. I don't see Bobby Jindahl running to the defense of an educated Kumar yelling "your momma" at the Police that were of all racial backgrounds. Where are the Indian and Asian community leaders screaming discrimination and asking for handouts and slave reparations. The white house has effectively divided this country and it is going to be a long time till we can all throw the bum out. We know he will never resign or admit he made a mistake.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The death of political correctness!

CNN news proclaims itself to be a legitimate news agency. Watch as the anchor takes offense at an American patriot standing up for American values. She calls him irresponsible. This coming from a media outlet that helped put an Indonesian communist in the white house because he is black. If you live in Missouri this man deserves your business! Thanks to

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Liberal left racism exposed! Barbara Boxer

The liberal left and democrats are masters of deception. They hand out money to minorities to keep them slaves and dependant upon the system. The Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons of the day run to the front to herd their people into the gates of dependency. Here is a true American Patriot catching one of those Left liberals telling him how if the NAACP likes it you should too. Because you are black.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Boycott Companies that bribe our government!

I will not purchase anything from companies that received bailout money. Corporate welfare is wrong. General Electric, wants to sell us air! "Cap and trade". Wakeup America!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

"The Dragon Slayer"

I listen to the talking heads spew about everything from prosecuting "Bush" to
"Global Warming". The administrations popularity is on a downward slope and they need a new dragon to slay. Every leader or dictator needs its dragon to slay (watch Beowulf). The present administration is hungry for its dragon. It floats trial balloons to see how the public reacts to each mini dragon. They ran on the "war on terror" being a church mouse, no dragon there. The climate bill "global warming" is being debunked as I type. Let's just hope these idiots aren't stupid enough to pass this "Tax on air", nothing like taxing us back to the stone age. Yes candles and wood heat. The mini dragons are going to be fast and furious. All smoke and mirrors to keep the administration busy slaying for the people. A woman from Alaska quits her job and the media and both political parties cringe. She is pointing at the real dragon that needs slaying, the Government itself. People are taking a look and they see what she is talking about. It is the worst dragon ever, it gobbles up money faster than it can be earned or collected. This dragon can no longer be fed or appeased and must be slain. The last person to go after that dragon was Ronald Reagan.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Common Sense/Real People Party!

Another 4Th of July has came and went. The fireworks are over. The last hot dog has been swallowed by the family dog. People are preparing to go back to their lives on Monday. I think what was missed is history in the making. I started this blog not because I like to write, but as a historical document. These new blogs that have appeared are the federalist papers of our time. We are a country that has been complacent and allowed our freedom and wealth to be stripped out from under us. The communist label of "new world order" or "world economy" has been the disguise of the largest redistribution of wealth in history today. The wealthiest country in the world is no longer affordable. Ross Perot warned all of us "If you pass NAFTA all you will hear is a huge sucking sound,that being jobs leaving America". We the people find ourselves at a crossroads. We have to stand up for The American dream. We are not just another country. Our country was created with what some call divine intervention. I would like to think that it was the meeting of the greatest minds ever to be brought together whether by god or by chance doesn't matter to me or change the outcome. I believe it was Ben Franklin that speaks to us now by saying "we have delivered to the people a republic,Now if they/we can only keep it. Sarah Palin made history by walking away from corruption and party affiliation. I believe her to be imperfect, I question her parenting, But I will not at this time question her honesty. She is viciously attacked from both sides. Obviously both sides fear her. She brought "Sunshine"(transparency) to her own party. She refused to play ball! ("If she takes on her own party like that"). The other party fears her even more. She is not qualified they say. Washington and local governments are full of qualified people or as I like to refer to them as "educated dumb asses" An education is a fine thing but worthless and sometimes dangerous without "common sense" and "honesty". The only two qualifications a politician needs. Good luck Sarah! America needs you to provide a little sunshine on the monsters in the dark leading this great nation to hell.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

A little absence of common sense! Some people should stick to grilling hotdogs. Another gem from Mr. Miller

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Victory,Victory, Hey Mr. President call it Victory!

I would like to take this moment to congratulate our troops on a well deserved victory in Iraq. In spite of a government full of anti-war politicians that wanted to teach the world to sing. In spite of a president taking over in the last quarter that absolutely prayed for defeat so that he could claim he was right. In spite of an Iraqi government that wanted to keep milking money out of the administration. You have achieved your goal against all odds. Welcome home!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Is the best of the free life over now?

I feel fortunate to have been able to grow up when I did. I was born in 1963.
What is so special about that you may ask? Lets just say I witnessed the fastest growth of technology ever through the eyes of a child. I remember watching the Apollo space program and watching the first man walk on the moon. They also drove a funny car on the moon. I remember when they came out with "Big Wheels" yes I was just a hair too big to ride one of those. I also remember "Hot Wheels" race tracks. That race track that had plastic strips that it only took your mother 10 seconds to realize that this thing was better than a switch for kicking a kids ass. You lived through the seasons as they came. If you were fortunate enough to be one of those families that had a window air conditioner you were considered rich. I remember my dad bringing home our first Color TV right before the super bowl. A guy by the name of Johnny Unitas was playing for the Baltimore colts. So many things came and went so fast, Duncan yo-yos, Hula-hoops, The pocket fisherman, The first led digital watch. Television reality shows were the "Wide world of sports" and who can forget the "agony of defeat" with that poor guy crashing on the skis. A guy by the name of "Evil Knievel" who was "Extreme Sports" and "Jack Ass" without any "don't try this at home" disclaimers. Curt Gowdys "American Sportsmen" yes they actually had hunting shows on regular TV. The music of this era 60s,70s,80s when Michael Jackson was still black and had an Afro. I feel fortunate to have witnessed it all. I know now I am witnessing the enslavement of the American people. The death of capitalism and Innovation. They run commercials about new green technology. It is all smoke being blown up you know where! We had better make a stand or is it already too late.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Violence is never the answer!

Perez Hilton proclaims "Violence is never the answer". This coming from someone who said they would rip the crown from Carrie Prejeans head if she would have won. He then verbally provokes of the "Black eyed Peas" He says "You know what,I don't respect you and you're gay and stop being such a faggot." Well I guess his alligator mouth came with a hummingbird ass. Polo Molina set him straight. All I have to say to Perez Hilton is (I don't respect you and you're gay and stop being such a faggot) This guy gives hair dressers and interior decorators a bad name.

Need a break from the political Insanity!

With card check,Cap and trade, and healthcare. Politicians are dying to spend more money that we dont have! I have to take a break from it all. The stupidity never ends in washington. For your entertainment pleasure Enjoy.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The UAW healthcare plan!

I really love how the media debates nationalized health care. What they are missing is the UAW health care plan. Why has health care become a crisis? Are there sick people in the streets? The bigger picture everyone is missing is the fact that the new GM, that has a large UAW ownership, has big plans for the company. They are using their clout in the White House to shift all the health care for their membership and legacy retirees to the American taxpayers! They think this is their leg up against the competition. You know the competition that they have been unable to compete with. This is the most corrupt administration in all of history. Everyone asks who is OBAMA? I can tell you he is a puppet for the unions!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I feel your pain

As one of our most colorful men in the oval office used to say "I feel your pain". The Supreme Court refused to hear the case against the government over the Chrysler bankruptcy. The teachers union, State troopers in Indiana and many other bond holders of Chrysler are crying foul. A quote heard on the radio today "This isn't the hope and change we voted for" I think the Supreme Court got it right. It is what Mr. "Hope and Change" ran on. Remember Joe the Plumber, the famous exchange about redistribution of wealth? Everyone ignored that exchange thinking it was someone else's wealth that would be redistributed. I think the Supreme Court being wise refused the case as a lesson to the American people. You asked for it you got it! This country is in for a lot more pain. China thinks we are nuts (and we are). Hold on tight folks that dirty "I" word is right around the corner. Check mom and dads drawers maybe you can find one. Hopefully someone will start making them again. We need the "WIN" buttons. Whip Inflation Now. I think it was President Ford that started them back then. We need to feel the pain of the socialist agenda that has been allowed in the door. This is just the start, he has years left. I bet all those Indiana teachers that wore Obama shirts and happily pulled the lever for him are scratching their heads now. One union special interest just stole the wealth of another. Ironic isn't it. How do you like them union apples? Fairness sucks, doesn't it Indiana.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Justice only for minorities regardless of the constitution.

A supreme court nominee that thinks just being a Hispanic woman makes her more qualified than any white male. I quote "I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life". She already shows her contempt for the constitution. What are her "rich experiences" that make her more qualified than a white male? What if the white male is a constitutional scholar and is color blind as justice is supposed to be? Where does she ever mention the constitution and if any of her findings are based on the constitution or her experiences as a Latina woman? What is it about those experiences that make her wise about the constitution? The law should be applied regardless of sex, color or ethnicity. Equal under the law is what matters. Lets see if the republicans have the balls to fight this racist woman on her racists beliefs. The Obama administration is throwing the constitution to the wind. I will watch from the shadows to see how the republicans address this. Will they stand on principles? Will they cower down to political correctness? We will see.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Capitalist do it better!

I love the free hugs guy. He obviously hates competition. Competition is not fair!

Tyranny of Incompetence

I am sure our Founding Fathers never could have realized the tyranny that we face today. It is not a king, a dictator or even a military General. I think the tyrant of today is incompetence and rewarding the stupid, lazy, cowardice and paying them to breed. Lee Iacocca writes "Where have all the leaders gone?". They're sure not in Washington or in most homes in America anymore. Parents cant stand up to a 5 year old child, let alone a teenager, politician, student or co-worker. We have become a nation of Dorothys from the "Wizard of Oz", frantic with our oil can to quiet the tin man. God forbid that someone suffer discomfort along the road less traveled. To please everyone would be nice but is unrealistic. The word "winner" cannot exist without the word "loser". Someone has got to "lose" the race, in war there must be a "victor" or the war is truly not over. Our children do not know this anymore, they all get trophies. They throw words around like fair. Nothing in life is fair if you are on the losing end. Ask the people of Cuba or Venezuela how they like the fairness of their countries. With 600,000 jobs a month going away in this country, moms and dads are going to lose jobs. Young people are going to lose cars, cell phones, and cable television. Meanwhile back at the ranch, we allow our schools to pull the biggest scam ever. They teach our kids polar bears are drowning so that politicians can finally tax the air we breathe. May the pouting begin!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy earth day!

This man could not be the spokesman today because he doesn't agree with same sex marriage and he is from California. Hey all you tree huggers grab your teepees and meet me at the reservation. Forget all your worldly goods and live like the original environmentalist in this video. OMG is he wearing animal skin? I bet the Indians wish they had built a fence! Thanksgiving my ass!

My Miss America 2009

Carrie Prejean became my Miss America by resisting political correctness and not sucking up to Perez Hilton. She really stuck to her guns and has become our Miss America.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Sally Field's State Department!

The administration can solve all its problems by being liked all over the world!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Somali secret WEAPON !

I dont find anything funny about our administrations policy towards piracy. Leathernecks should deal with pirates. There is nothing funny about this to the families of those held.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Socialist not Liberals, Honest Labels count!

I think we have reached a critical time in our history. We can no longer afford the gray areas of tolerance and politically correct labels to disguise people for who they are and what they believe. Take every story that has been printed and reported in the media and replace the word "Liberal" or "Moderate" with the true meaning of the word SOCIALIST or COMMUNIST. With the true labels these people cannot sell their Socialist or Communist policies. It doesn't sound like anything anyone would want to vote for. "Sticks and stones" doesn't apply in politics. The labels do hurt them. That is why they have changed them.

My President, Ronald Reagan, knew this and warned of this SOCIALIST agenda. SOCIALISTS labeled them as a "progressive liberal" agenda with medicine and children used to enact these SOCIALIST policies. Our rights and freedoms have been eroding away as we stood by and did nothing. It is time for us to take a stand and stop using the word "Liberal" and "Moderate" which makes these people sound harmless and less of a threat. Call them what they are SOCIALISTS and COMMUNISTS. Let the media know that you will not accept these watered down labels. Let the conservative blogs know that we cannot continue to use the enemy's own labels. Call them what they are. Listen for the word FAIR, it is the favorite word of the SOCIALISTS and COMMUNISTS. Life is not fair. Competition is not fair. Everyone cannot win the race. This country was not built by those who didn't compete.