Thursday, October 29, 2009

Principles Before Party

Republicans have decided to run a candidate in New York that is more liberal than the Democrat's candidate. This race is important and ground breaking as to the birth of a new movement in this country. Some say it is an Independent party, others a third party. The number of parties is irrelevant at this time in American history. "Principles Before Party" has to become clear for every American. We are facing a communist takeover of our country. They have control of the Federal, State and local governments. Our education system is controlled by special interests. Unions indoctrinate our children into thinking life is supposed to be fair. They teach envy and selfishness that each person is entitled to everything someone else has.

Global Internationalists are a cult of people that are usually Communists, Marxists, Socialists, One world holding hands "Anti-Americans". You cannot be one of these people without being anti-American. Our country is the only one of its kind ever in history. I believe that our country and the idea that man is born with freedom and rights granted by the Creator instead of loaned by the government or the church to be removed at its will. This principle that formed our country was and is the true Holy Grail of mankind. The founders divine inspiration to form our country was truly the Grail that these men sought.

We as Americans cannot look at Republican, Democrat or parties anymore. We must look at whether someone is a "Global Internationalist" or a Refounder "Principles Before Party". We need candidates that think America is the greatest nation. We don't need or want to be part of the UN that is a club of Global Internationalists Tyrants. Let the UN leave American soil. We need to take our education system back from special interests. We must educate our children that they are born in the greatest country in the world. History will be written in the days to come. What is written about it is entirely up to you.

Friday, October 16, 2009

No social security increase?

The Washington post and every other media outlet makes the same omission when reporting on money from the government. The one fact that is never included is that these people are receiving their own money back that was confiscated from them and their paychecks for decades. The government is doing them no favors by allowing them to have some of their own money back. They never mention what happened to all the money these seniors have had to pay for decades to these programs that now they say are broke? Why are they broke? What happened to the Lock Box? Medicare is broke. What happened to all the money that the seniors payed for decades? I know what happened to the money. They spent it! Oh yeah they did! Remember government cannot give you anything unless they take it from you first or take it from someone else. Keep that in mind. The health care debate is about cutting seniors care and transferring it to union retirees. Now they don't want to give them a cost of living raise. The administration is trying to bribe seniors with their own money.


Another birthday has came and went and I try not to think about how old I am. Do I need to renew my License? Did it cost this much to register the cars last year? Many things rush through my head. Mr Beck shows another Video that is alarming but the alarm goes unanswered. The bloggers blog away about a balloon boy hoax. Republicans dream of next year and then 2012 they are in denial is all I can think. Bill O'Reilly takes a vacation recently and comes back to FOX neutered on anything having to do with the administration. What happened to the John Adams project Lawyers Mr. O'Reilly was looking into? What about outing our CIA members? The no spin zone is starting to look like a nursery school. Fluff, Fluff,Fluff, What do they have on Mr.O'Reilly? The administration has sure received a pass from Mr.O'Reilly.

Now that our government has been overcome by communists sympathisers. I can only speak to what I have read and what I have witnessed in my lifetime. Mr. Nixon goes to China and receives a couple Panda bears for his efforts. Was Nixon a Commie lover like the present administration? Jimmy Carter was and is a commie lover of the weakest kind. Then came Uncle Ronnie. I had the privilege of serving with Ronald Reagan as my "Commander in Chief". Mr. Reagan made it OK to be a proud American. After Carter there wasn't much to be proud of. George Bush became president and began to build the slide to Bill Clinton. I remember Ross Perot trying to warn people about NAFTA. With his chicken foot pointer stick. I ask myself a question for many years. Why would the United States of America transfer all of its best paying manufacturing jobs to China? Can anyone explain that with something other than Treason. The Educated Elite in this country have decided to reward the rest of the world with the wealth of our nations middle class. The communists agenda that has been taught in our schools by radicals of the sixties and seventies has allowed for this transfer of Jobs and wealth. The actions of those in Washington is beyond what I would call incompetence. I would dismiss their actions as incompetent because I really couldn't think of them as treasonous commie sympathisers. Was the swift boat veterans right? Was John Kerry planted in Vietnam to lend credibility to his political aspirations? Can anyone point out one conservative Vietnam veteran serving in our Senate or Congress? Was John McCain a liberal college kid before becoming a fighter pilot. My being a veteran and swearing an oath to uphold and defend against all enemies. I cannot see how these men have sat back in Washington and not only allowed but aided in committing treason upon the American people. What is the solution? Is there a solution? I will not give up the fight!