Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Obama race card!

In America when race relations have healed to a point that a black man has been elected president it is sad that the country would decide that any black man would do instead of electing a black man of character. The country and the media elected a smooth talking well scripted community organizer. It is sad to say that the media failed its country and helped to support this shyster of a man all the way to the white house. It is now apparent what his goals are and have always been. The media just ignored it. He is a radical communist that wants nothing but power for himself and for his people. His people consisting of militant communists that believe that all the wealth of the world has been stripped away from them by the evil white men and the American government. Obama and the democrats continue to tell minorities that they are held down by a white enemy that does not exist. This is the only way to continue to have social power over the minorities.

The white people in America do not exploit them for their own personal gain. The reverend Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and many other so called Hispanic community leaders have to exploit their own people if they didn't then they would have to get a job. It is much easier to keep convincing your own people that you fail because of the evil white establishment. This argument can't hold water anymore. This country is as diverse as any in the world. Racial quotas are discriminating against whites especially in government jobs where Quotas are acceptable. It is time for the black community to start listening to the examples set by Bill Cosby, Tyler Perry and many more. They portray many people in a positive light and set no limits on what someone of any color can accomplish with hard work and a little faith. I don't see Bobby Jindahl running to the defense of an educated Kumar yelling "your momma" at the Police that were of all racial backgrounds. Where are the Indian and Asian community leaders screaming discrimination and asking for handouts and slave reparations. The white house has effectively divided this country and it is going to be a long time till we can all throw the bum out. We know he will never resign or admit he made a mistake.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The death of political correctness!

CNN news proclaims itself to be a legitimate news agency. Watch as the anchor takes offense at an American patriot standing up for American values. She calls him irresponsible. This coming from a media outlet that helped put an Indonesian communist in the white house because he is black. If you live in Missouri this man deserves your business! Thanks to

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Liberal left racism exposed! Barbara Boxer

The liberal left and democrats are masters of deception. They hand out money to minorities to keep them slaves and dependant upon the system. The Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons of the day run to the front to herd their people into the gates of dependency. Here is a true American Patriot catching one of those Left liberals telling him how if the NAACP likes it you should too. Because you are black.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Boycott Companies that bribe our government!

I will not purchase anything from companies that received bailout money. Corporate welfare is wrong. General Electric, wants to sell us air! "Cap and trade". Wakeup America!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

"The Dragon Slayer"

I listen to the talking heads spew about everything from prosecuting "Bush" to
"Global Warming". The administrations popularity is on a downward slope and they need a new dragon to slay. Every leader or dictator needs its dragon to slay (watch Beowulf). The present administration is hungry for its dragon. It floats trial balloons to see how the public reacts to each mini dragon. They ran on the "war on terror" being a church mouse, no dragon there. The climate bill "global warming" is being debunked as I type. Let's just hope these idiots aren't stupid enough to pass this "Tax on air", nothing like taxing us back to the stone age. Yes candles and wood heat. The mini dragons are going to be fast and furious. All smoke and mirrors to keep the administration busy slaying for the people. A woman from Alaska quits her job and the media and both political parties cringe. She is pointing at the real dragon that needs slaying, the Government itself. People are taking a look and they see what she is talking about. It is the worst dragon ever, it gobbles up money faster than it can be earned or collected. This dragon can no longer be fed or appeased and must be slain. The last person to go after that dragon was Ronald Reagan.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Common Sense/Real People Party!

Another 4Th of July has came and went. The fireworks are over. The last hot dog has been swallowed by the family dog. People are preparing to go back to their lives on Monday. I think what was missed is history in the making. I started this blog not because I like to write, but as a historical document. These new blogs that have appeared are the federalist papers of our time. We are a country that has been complacent and allowed our freedom and wealth to be stripped out from under us. The communist label of "new world order" or "world economy" has been the disguise of the largest redistribution of wealth in history today. The wealthiest country in the world is no longer affordable. Ross Perot warned all of us "If you pass NAFTA all you will hear is a huge sucking sound,that being jobs leaving America". We the people find ourselves at a crossroads. We have to stand up for The American dream. We are not just another country. Our country was created with what some call divine intervention. I would like to think that it was the meeting of the greatest minds ever to be brought together whether by god or by chance doesn't matter to me or change the outcome. I believe it was Ben Franklin that speaks to us now by saying "we have delivered to the people a republic,Now if they/we can only keep it. Sarah Palin made history by walking away from corruption and party affiliation. I believe her to be imperfect, I question her parenting, But I will not at this time question her honesty. She is viciously attacked from both sides. Obviously both sides fear her. She brought "Sunshine"(transparency) to her own party. She refused to play ball! ("If she takes on her own party like that"). The other party fears her even more. She is not qualified they say. Washington and local governments are full of qualified people or as I like to refer to them as "educated dumb asses" An education is a fine thing but worthless and sometimes dangerous without "common sense" and "honesty". The only two qualifications a politician needs. Good luck Sarah! America needs you to provide a little sunshine on the monsters in the dark leading this great nation to hell.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

A little absence of common sense! Some people should stick to grilling hotdogs. Another gem from Mr. Miller