Monday, July 18, 2011

The dismantling of America

The days pass and the TV pundits decry the debt ceiling and how unreasonable not lifting the debt ceiling is for the Republican party. They claim that you can raise the debt ceiling and make cuts in the amounts of the raise. Can someone explain this to me? You want to raise the ceiling by 2 trillion and then make 2 trillion in cuts from the budget. What math and shell game is that. You can do that by just not raising the debt ceiling. Anyone with half a brain knows that the 2 trillion in cuts would never materialize. You have to wonder when more debt has been accumilated in the last 2 1/2 yrs than in all of American history 1776-2008 what is the goal and what is the direction that the politicians today are taking the country. The game of Democrat / Republican ping pong has gone on forever. Both parties have contributed equally to the demise of America. A new world order has been planned for decades by the worlds elite (UN, CFR, Bilderberg,....). Both parties have signed trade deals that destroyed manufacturing in America and transferred middle class wages and benefits to Mexico, China, and South America. Redistribution of wealth has been underway for decades. I started out just thinking it was all incompetence on the part of the politicians but the mask are off the media and the politicians. They now proudly claim their Socialist and Communist beliefs. The Tarp bailouts and printing of money are no accident or incompetence they are a direct application of the Cloward and Piven strategy. The Republicans now want to play the party of fiscal responsibility in order to try and calm the masses. They will fold after portraying a fighting compromise. "All the worlds a stage and the players merely actors" the savior of the Republic will only be the abandonment of the two party system.