Saturday, November 21, 2009

The new community organizations

I would like to ask if you would ever make the mistake and claim there were 57 states in the US? Is he the Manchurian Candidate? He wont or cant produce a birth certificate. Remember he was raised in Indonesia as Barry Soetoro. I don't know anything about Indonesia or how many states they have. Why did he change his name? How many names has he had? This guy is really smelling fishy. Who is giving him his orders? Calling the shots? Setting the agenda? What the hell is his agenda? Nothing makes sense about this guy. Media like Bill O'Reilly are scratching their heads trying to figure this guy out. Have you ever seen him answer a question? He will talk in circles for so long that you don't care what the original question was never giving an answer.

As I type Wade Rathke is off setting up ACORN Global. Andy Stern is setting up SEIU Global. Why does the President go around the world apologizing for America? He is the pitchman and face of ACORN Global and SEIU Global. Workers of the world unite is Andy Sterns pitch for SEIU Global. This is the Communists call to arms. Wade Rathke is training "community organizers" overseas to do exactly what they have done to the U.S. (Bankrupt it through intimidation and social justice) see "cloward-piven strategy". Andy Stern is setting up SEIU overseas. These men are doing this right now as I type. This is the progressive long term strategy growing to maturity. It started in the 70s with the community reinvestment act. This act opened the doors for the community organizations to shakedown the lending institutions. Want to know what Obama's next move is ? Ask yourself what is good for Andy Stern and Wade Rathke.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

You lying criminal commies in Washington

I sit and watch the senate come out smiling about having a health care bill that the American people want? All I can say is watch these bastards pass this government crap and get their hands on your health care dollars. It is time to pay back the unions and George Soros and get the new world order under way. I have called, written, and protested until I am blue in the face. Our country is broke and it is being done on purpose to make us submissive to a world government. Redistribution of wealth is happening as we speak. The states are broke. What is going to happen in California? They take an extra 10% in payroll withholding and call it a loan? The entitlements have got to end and when they do? What will happen when people in public housing don't get their rent paid? What happens when their food stamp debit cards don't work anymore? What other subsidies have to end? Oh they can't go to the doctor for free anymore and get that prescription for medical Marijuana. The L.A. Riots are going to look tame. Oh well, off to
Walmart to buy some more Ammo.