Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Islam is the enemy

The Muslim countries that claim that Islam is a religion of peace never speak out against terrorists acts. Where are their ambassadors having press conferences to condemn radical Muslims. Islam requires the allegiance of all Muslims so that their first loyalty is always to Islam regardless of the level of extremism. There should be no more fence sitting for Muslim countries. They need to start policing their own or face a declaration of war. Where are the American Muslims lining up to enlist in our military to destroy those that give peaceful Islam a bad name? How many more Fort Hoods and numerous other incidents of Muslim soldiers turning on their own will it take for America to wake up? This is a war of religion not an isolated extremist faction. The sooner we name the enemy the better. The Muslims released from Guantanamo are laughing their asses off as they go straight back to the battlefield. The enemy has studied American culture especially during Vietnam when claims of killing women and children doomed the administration. A country that doesn't have running water can make sure to get a video tape of so-called dead children killed by our forces to the media immediately, not telling anyone that those children are 13 to 20 years old. Heavily armed Insurgents when they are alive and civilians after they are dead. The Nazis taught them well about the importance of propaganda that is demonstrated by a television in most middle eastern homes regardless of how poor.

Win the hearts and minds?

News commentators ponder why we have cracks in our security? Our president calls the enemy an isolated extremist? Did I miss something in the news that the war is over? I am dumbfounded by the stupid inept leadership that our country has. We have been at war in Afghanistan for over 8 years. We have the worlds most powerful military led by a bunch of college educated Generals and Admirals that speak politician instead of war speech. General Norman Schwarzkopf said it best “War is a profane thing.”. What is profane about this war is that you have no leadership committed to what is required to achieve victory. The Air force may as well stay home. Why is there no air campaign with maximum sorties? Remember the countless air sorties in the first gulf war? The launches off carriers 24 hours a day. The countless pounding of cruise missiles landing on Iraqi installations. We could have saved many lives by getting Saddam Hussein out of power during the first War in Iraq. When will we declare war on Afghanistan or Pakistan where our enemies hide? If you harbor Terrorists you are a terrorist (didn't I hear that somewhere before). We must win or leave. To trickle troops year after year is criminal and needs to stop. Our enemies will not go away if we pretend they are just isolated disturbed criminals. President Trumans use of overwelming force on Japan was the text book example of winning the hearts and minds of the Japanese. I cant recall the Japanese trying to blow up airplanes lately. Semper Fi

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The "Progressive" Tax

The government is working towards what they call historical health care legislation. The EPA now wants to regulate how much I exhale. I have the solution to all this progressive uproar. I call it the "Progressive" tax. The "Progressive" tax is not anything to complain about, it is absolutely wonderful and should not be controversial at all. It is a tax everyone can agree on and should agree on. It is the last tax any freedom loving "Progressive" should ever ask for. It is a really simple process and one the "Community Organizers" can really appreciate. They would have to protest every business or individual they thought should pay the "Progressive" tax. The "Progressive" tax is strictly voluntary and would be on utility bills. If you want to pay double the price for your utilities their would be a box to tell you what it is. If you don't, you would pay normal price. All the money paid to the "Progressive" tax would be allocated to third world countries through the UN. Only after progressive programs here at home like medicare, medicaid, section 8 housing programs,unemployment. Let the voluntary "Progressives" decide. They want to live in a global society let the UN allocate all "Progressive" programs here in the U.S. from this tax. I think this tax would only require a few employees and they could hire more as the need rises out of "Progressive" U.N. funds of course. So let the lawmakers get busy drafting the bill to pass the "Progressive" tax now. Who am I to stand in their way. Our president is passionate about it. So let them get started practicing volunteerism today.