Sunday, March 15, 2009

The New young leaders of the Republican "SlumberParty!"

"Mean people Suck", just ask Meghan Mccain or Bristol Palin. Help I am fat and can't get a date. Mean people suck. We need more people in the republican party that can send 4000 text messages a month with little smiley faces. Please don't ask me anything hard? 9:12 into her interview sums her all up. I still don't understand the concept of ECONomics. I would let Ann Coulter or Laura Ingraham look after my children,dog,house,and checkbook long before I would "Ms Mccain". "Ms Mccain" would lose the children,starve the dog,burn down the house,and steal all my money to buy herself some friends. When confronted about what she had done she would text her friends and ask,"Why are you so mean?".

The future of the republican party lies in young people like Jonathan Krohn. I just think that it is too late for the republicans to see it. The republican party is a sinking ship. I hope the likes of Ken Blackwell (The only trustworthy republican I can think of still living)mans a lifeboat and looks at being an independent for the 912project (HINT). I hope other conservatives stop bailing and get on the lifeboats as well.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

R.I.P. "G.O.P"

The last year has been trying times for the "GOP" as it searches for an identity. (They have their Identity they are just in denial). Electing Michael Steele as the head of the party over the best man for the job "Ken Blackwell". The new leaders of the "GOP" have been infiltrated by liberal democrats that will say and do anything to get elected. The governator for example. Michael Steele appears on news programs and proclaims that republicans need to get into the streets and win over voters. This liberal mindset is morally bankrupt. He should of said what he meant "We need to get the vote of Peggy the moocher and Henrietta Hughes and "Octomom".

Do people really wonder why Sarah Palin is paraded on TV with her morally bankrupt baby mamma daughter whom probably is receiving public assistance (Mooching). This Icon of the "GOP" allowed her daughter to drop out of school and go on national TV and hold herself up as an example for young girls. Sarah Palin exclaims " I am so proud of her" "We really didn't have trouble raising her,she always seemed to do what was right". Hey Sarah, getting pregnant at 17 and quitting school not the right thing to do. Mr Palin, just keep racing those snowmobiles.