Monday, October 14, 2013

The Significance of Woodstock

1. —“Unity Convention”—Woodstock, NY—May 15 - 28, 1921

The Joint Unity Convention was attended by 60 delegates, 30 each from the United Communist Party and the (old) Communist Party of America. The report of the CEC of the United Communist Party was delivered by Executive Secretary Alfred Wagenknecht ["Paul Hole"], who related the UCP's organizational history and emphasized the group's commitment to unity and willingness to submit to the solutions proposed by the Comintern. The report of the CEC of the old Communist Party of America was delivered by Charles Dirba ["C. Dobin"], who defended the group's Federations structure emphasized his group's commitment to building an effecttive revolutionary organization and a commitment to propagate the idea of the inevitability armed insurrection amongst the workers. Both of these lengthy reports illustrate well the history and differing concerns of each of these underground organizations.

The delegates haggled over details of merger, a constitution, and a program for two weeks before finally coming “to a unanimous agreement on every essential point.” There was a great deal of unanimity on programmatic issues, but negotiations over the constitution to establish the form of the organization were met with a series of party-line votes. Eventually, a negotiations committee consisting of five members from each side, worked out a compromise, the formation of a Central Executive Committee containing five members from each party—to which were deferred the bitterly divisive matters of the district structure and paid party organizers.

[fn. Official Bulletin of the Communist Party of America (Section of the Communist International), no. 1 [May 1921], pg. 1]

Monday, July 18, 2011

The dismantling of America

The days pass and the TV pundits decry the debt ceiling and how unreasonable not lifting the debt ceiling is for the Republican party. They claim that you can raise the debt ceiling and make cuts in the amounts of the raise. Can someone explain this to me? You want to raise the ceiling by 2 trillion and then make 2 trillion in cuts from the budget. What math and shell game is that. You can do that by just not raising the debt ceiling. Anyone with half a brain knows that the 2 trillion in cuts would never materialize. You have to wonder when more debt has been accumilated in the last 2 1/2 yrs than in all of American history 1776-2008 what is the goal and what is the direction that the politicians today are taking the country. The game of Democrat / Republican ping pong has gone on forever. Both parties have contributed equally to the demise of America. A new world order has been planned for decades by the worlds elite (UN, CFR, Bilderberg,....). Both parties have signed trade deals that destroyed manufacturing in America and transferred middle class wages and benefits to Mexico, China, and South America. Redistribution of wealth has been underway for decades. I started out just thinking it was all incompetence on the part of the politicians but the mask are off the media and the politicians. They now proudly claim their Socialist and Communist beliefs. The Tarp bailouts and printing of money are no accident or incompetence they are a direct application of the Cloward and Piven strategy. The Republicans now want to play the party of fiscal responsibility in order to try and calm the masses. They will fold after portraying a fighting compromise. "All the worlds a stage and the players merely actors" the savior of the Republic will only be the abandonment of the two party system.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The single issue gun organization

I would like to take this opportunity for full disclosure. I am a Life member of the NRA, concealed carry license holder, and a certified firearms instructor. What I have witnessed during this last election cycle was pure genius by the left (Progressive) political machine. The NRA and many other state and local firearms rights organizations have always been single issue organizations. When questioned as to why they endorse a candidate willing to associate and support anti-gun people in their cabinets or in their own party, I always receive the same answer. "We are a single issue group." The DemocRats are well versed in the single issue trait of these organizations. In Washington D.C., NRA endorsed politicians approved supreme court justice nominees that are blatantly anti-Constitution and especially anti-2nd Amendment. The end game for the DemocRats and Progressive Communists of either party is not gun bans. Gun control was rejected by the American people after the Brady and assault weapons bans of the 90's. The Left shifted strategy, they would no longer try to ban guns but would try to make ownership inconvenient and too expensive, that way only the wealthy elite will be able to afford and manipulate the regulations. If 4 senators claim to never have voted against the 2nd Amendment, yet approve a supreme court Justice that will rule against gun rights, they have not only created political cover for themselves, but have used gun owner money to do it. It is time for the NRA to look at the whole picture and stop hiding behind the "single issue" argument. Is that what the progressives that have infiltrated the gun rights organizations want? I question whether my hard earned money spent with the NRA is taken for granted. I ended support of a local gun rights organization, when I discovered they were using union press releases, that were blatant lies, to back a candidate. When the lies were brought to the attention of the organization, the response was "So what!". In closing remember one thing, a gun is worthless without ammo. How much do you have?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The War in America

A million dollars worth of heroin is sold somewhere near my home in one month. Politicians speak about diversity. Illegals are employed all over the city. Community organizers move people in and out of homes they cannot afford. School districts raise taxes to educate non-English speaking children. Social services are out of money. The jail and prison systems spend billions to incarcerate illegal alien criminals. The progressive government continues to destroy America on its insane quest for utopia. The envy of the world has now become the target of the world in an all out joint effort to destroy America. We are at war and our government is in denial of it because they are infiltrated by the enemy. If you don't think that some of the billions of dollars a year made from drug trafficking is finding its way to Washington D.C., you need to stop with the fairy dust. We have troops and transportation guarding the poppy fields in the Middle East. Do Poppy plants grow in Mexico? Heroin finds its way here all day long on the backs of Mexicans and you don't think our government is involved? Wake up, the enemy is in Washington and the state houses all across America. You can't even get Politicians to talk about securing our borders let alone build a fence. We have to realize we are at war and it is with our politician drug and people peddlers.

The Buckeye Dilemma

Living in the once great state of Ohio, I have grown frustrated by the posturing of political candidates for governor that wont address any issues. Ted Strickland holds on to a pro-gun policy that all but ensures his re-election with conservative gun owners. John (I am a professional politician)Kasich has an anti gun voting record yet spews fiscal responsibility. Star date Ohio 2012 Governor Ted Strickland still in office and the payments are due to the federal government for all the stimulus loans and slush money borrowed that the state has to start making payments on. The only way for that to happen is through huge tax increases that are mandated by the feds in the financial reform bill. Ohio becomes the new Detroit or Tijuana. Black Tar Heroin is still available statewide but look at the bright side you can still have your concealed carry permit and your gun. Star date Ohio 2012 The Ohio republican party rolls into office. The payments are due to the federal government for all the stimulus loans and slush money borrowed that the state has to start making payments on. The only way for that to happen is through huge tax increases that are mandated by the feds in the financial reform bill. Ohio becomes the new Detroit or Tijuana. Black Tar Heroin is still available statewide. Governor Kasich gets in bed with the FOP and chiefs of police and Sarah Brady and repeals Ohio's concealed carry laws to cut down on drug related crime. Where is the choice in any of these candidates? Ohio is still a sanctuary state neither candidate will address Illegal immigration. Drugs continue to poor into our state and our country and it is ignored. People will tell me that I am wasting my vote and maybe I will be on the losing side. I think I will opt out of this two party dog and pony show designed to keep power. Its time for a change and I think I have found my solution.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Democrats stir the race pot

With elections coming in November and the American people awake to the Communist takeover of D.C. and the MSM, the Progressive (formerly known as the Democratic) party cannot get its base of minorities and special interest leftie Commie loons excited about November. In order to energize its base, the Progressive Commie party has to resort to allegations of racism and call on racists organizations such as the NAACP, La Raza, and the New Black Panther party. Their goal is to cast anyone that disagrees with the Progressive Commie agenda of redistribution as racists Klan crackers. The mainstream media touts racism in every mention of the Tea Party or any conservative organization or individual. If they had any proof of racism it surely would be running 24/7 on all the major networks. The big Gorilla in the room, ignored by the media, is the exploitation of these people for a communists agenda push that is now out in the open. The NAACP has become nothing more than a lobbying group for social programs that do nothing but keep blacks enslaved to government housing and handouts. La Raza keeps Hispanics enslaved to the so called shadows of fast food, landscaping and housekeeping. If they didn't they would encourage English and assimilation that would allow them to hold higher paying jobs. Americans are waking up to it now in large numbers, that being demonstrated by the Tea Party movement. The calls of racism are signs of desperation on the Communist left. Stay the course and give them nothing. “If we finally fail in this great and glorious contest, it will be by bewildering ourselves in groping for the middle way.”-John Adams, 1776

Friday, June 18, 2010

I want an Oompa Loompa!

Watching the Idiot in chief on television from the oval crib, I couldn't help but wonder what he reminded me of? He kept clamoring on about getting away from oil and fossil fuels and moving to wind and solar and new clean energy. I ask myself what the hell this idiot is talking about? If there was alternative reliable energy out there to replace fossil fuels don't you think it would have hit the market yet? In a free market society technology has to compete with its rivals in the marketplace. Wind, Solar, and hydrogen can't compete, E-87 Ethanol can't compete either and is a rip off. A vehicle that gets 14 miles to the gallon on gasoline will only get 9 miles to the gallon on E-87 and pollute more. Corn farmers love it and it is nothing but a subsidy for them. The Pres wants us to think that just because we want something that we can have it. Like the spoiled child in a movie classic he proclaims "I want an Oompa Loompa" except he says it " I want my cap and trade"!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I walk the line

Days have passed since the West Virginia coal mine disaster that gained national attention. No politician or media outlet that could exploit the pain and suffering of these fine people missed an opportunity. That evil mining company should be investigated by the Obama administration for safety violations and not protecting the employees from hazards. If these guys only had a Union that would stand up to the evil coal mine operators. The Union wouldn't let their members go into unsafe coal mines and get killed or destroy their lungs with coal dust. If only those guys in those coal mines had a Union to protect them from the big bad coal mine operators. They sure wouldn't mind paying Union dues for someone to look out for them and keep the mine operators honest. This is the missing piece to the puzzle as to why their are so many coal mine accidents. They would be way better off with Union representation looking out for their best interest. I am sure the grieving families will get right on the organizing of the mine workers union right away. Remember as is taught in so many union approved work safety training courses "Safety is every bodies responsibility". Forget about organizing that Union for the miners. The united mine workers of America already exist, in fact all the men killed in West Virginia were members. I wont hold my breath as the Obama administration and the media and the surviving families ask for answers from the union representation from the West Virginia mine that should have been filing grievences all the way to Washington on safety conditions in this mine. One thing I am sure of, the buck never seems to stop anywhere except faceless evil companies so that no person in charge is or ever will be held responsible for anything that goes wrong. That should be the new Union and Progressive Motto. Here is a link to the guys that have been paid to look out for the safety of coal miners.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Stuck in the middle with you

Arizona passes a new immigration enforcement law that mirrors the federal government's law. Why, you may ask, does the federal government not enforce our southern borders? Democrats pander to Hispanics in order to create the largest dependent class of people since desegregation. Forced busing of the inner cities in the late 70's caused what was referred to as white flight. Working white families in droves left the cities and fled to the suburbs around the cities leaving only low income and dependent blacks in the inner cities. The white flight of the 70's gave rise to the community re-investment act. Politicians (progressives) steered taxpayer money into the inner cities in order to renew the cities that were being abandoned by working families. I am happy to say that the progressives on both sides of the isle have accomplished their goal of urban renewal. Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago, Philadelphia....all renewed by our federal government. It is a fact that the large growth of Hispanics allowed to cross our borders will become the largest voting group in our country. The borders have been open too long to change that now. Both parties fight to see which one will be the party of the Hispanics. Both parties wish to create a dependent non-English speaking class of Hispanic people that can be exploited for political power. Neither party encourages English assimilation or Patriotism. I can only conclude that they want to repeat the atrocities of slavery when it was illegal to teach a black to read. An educated man or woman will always strive for independence and liberty once the blinders of dependency are lifted. I can no longer sit back and watch the progressives destroy all that the founding fathers through divine providence have entrusted to me and my fellow shepherds of His country. Those who will destroy it are Godless Heathens that will try and destroy it in His name under the Social Justice label and green movement. Shepherds shall we all become.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Is the Tea Party movement all wet?

My excitement with the conservative movement has dwindled as of late. I watched the birth of the Tea Party movement and became enthusiastic about restoring my country to what the founders intended it to be. Our nation is engaged in a war of ideas that the progressives have had a 100 year head start. This will be a fierce war in the cities, media and our education system. I cannot and will not be a Republican Lemming. I believe in the Principle before party idea. I have been hesitant about the tea party movement since my home town movement was hi-jacked early on by the Republican Party and Mr. John Kasich (Retread)here in Ohio. I have watched Dick Army and his gang move right along working to "absorb" the Tea Party (Sarah Palins words recently). I have witnessed liberals speaking at events. People cheer the phony conservatives as they speak and I ask myself who signs these folks up to speak. The death of the Tea Party will be leaders like Sarah Palin that will not take off her republican hat and wants the republican party to "absorb" the tea Party movement. Is the tea Party movement that easily fooled. As I listened to Debra Medina on Glenn Beck uses words like diversity and described herself as a 20 year grassroots republican activist it occurred to me that anyone that would follow her and not see her for what she is would follow just about anybody that threw out a few catch phrases. The Tea Party movement better wake up or it will perish fast and lose any credibility. How about a tea Party vetting litmus test. If a Politician uses the word "diversity", they are a progressive. If a Politician uses the word "grassroots", they are a progressive. If a politician tells you they are "Just like you" they are a progressive. If a politician tells you "its alright to vote for someone you only agree with 80% of the time" they are a progressive. Remember that our country got in the shape its in because people were asleep and too lazy to pay attention and research candidates. These are usually the folks that cry out for term limits so that they can go back to sleep. Our founding fathers deserve better of us all.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Will Sarah Palin fall on the McCain sword?

With the Tea Party movement in full swing across the country and a decisive victory for Scott Brown, Sarah Palin has some soul searching to do. Her actions in the next year will either brace her as a serious conservative candidate or a Republican Loyalist to the dinosaurs in Washington whose time has come to wade into the tar pits of history. If she chooses to campaign on behalf of McCain it will confirm what I had already suspected. She can and will be controlled by the Party Progressives that have provided candidates like Dede Scozzafava in New York. The Republican Party will live or die by their future candidates. In the last year the wheels have fallen off of the global warming cart. Democrats were shut out in New Jersey, Virginia and now Massachusetts. The coming months will be historical in the fight for the Republic. Let the Patriot Pundits keep up the fight and continue on in the war against Progressives.

Did Acorn promise slave reparations?

If there is one thing that Progressive government programs teach you it is how to stand in line for nothing!