Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The train has left the station for the Republican party

Lindsey Graham states that the other side of the mountain is worth looking at. Communism is worth looking at? People wonder why the Republicans are in the dumper. Stop trying to be Democrats. I view Democrats as Marxists Communists that want to be Cuba! I view Republicans as Socialists willing to listen to Marxists Ideas. America doesn't stand a chance with these two parties. After doing some research on a local issue here in my hometown. I have discovered "ACORN", and the "National Council of La Raza" controlling both parties. Look up what community organizations are in your town. God help the Republic. Neither of these two parties will!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Liberals will always get it "Wrong"

Do you ever wonder what is going on in this world. Up is down. Not a damn thing our government does makes sense! Maybe this will help explain it. This administration will always be on the wrong side of history.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shedding the Republican wool

I am amazed at the reaction of so-called conservatives after Glenn Beck states that John McCain would have been worse than Obama. The fact that people are having such a harsh reaction to it confirms Mr.Becks point. Mr. McCain would be granted a pass such as the one he is receiving now because of his republican label. The shedding of the republican party is a hard wool for many people to shed. So-called conservative blogs tout defending the Constitution yet when a reader leaves a comment that questions republicans, they remove the comment. Censorship is hypocrisy. This article lists all the things that Mr.McCain would not have done as president. I am still waiting for Mr.McCain to express his outrage at the administration for conducting a witch hunt on the CIA, Appointing Communist czars, Apologizing for America around the world, taking over the banks and auto companies. He is not criticizing the policies of the administration. His silence tells the story and not just for Mr.McCain but all republicans. This is not the time for fence sitting. History will judge the lackluster republicans that did nothing to defend our Constitution and whom will deny blame while freedom fades away.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Reverse Hate Crime!

An African American has been elected president. The racial barriers have fallen or have they been moved well beyond the bounds of equality? President Obama without any facts states that "police acted stupidly" when arresting his friend. Van Jones tells a group "We are going to have to get uppity in here to get what we want" (Social justice). What message is being sent to the black community? Shall we take a look? A white family in Akron, Ohio is beaten at a fireworks display show by black thugs and told it is a black country now. Teachers in school hear things like "you white people dont know nothing about the struggles of blacks" when questioning black students about assignments. This came from a 16 yr old female black student that lives a very comfortable life in the suburbs. The Williams sister Tennis tantrum, when did this attitude show up? Threatening a judge because a call didnt go your way. Terrelle Pryor, Quarterback at OSU wears the words Michael Vick on his face during the game with Navy. Does he hate dogs or is he making a militant statement? Kanye West bullies a 19 year old white country singer on national TV. This ST. Louis student is not allowed to sit down on the bus and takes a beating because he is white. Something is taking place in our country and it is not positive. Check out

Saturday, September 12, 2009

MSM Teaparty coverage

Dick Armey is to blame for his Rowdy Yates "right wing nuts and crack pots unleashed on Washington". A very uncivilized bunch according to MSNBC. A large Police presence is required. Here is the Official AP photo used on NBC,ABC and CBS. Can you say "PhotoShop". Is something fishy about the signs and sizes of the people? What say you?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Its Ok to have a Communist in the White House?

I wonder why we are owned by Communist China. It seems to be acceptable for Communst to be in the White House. So much for the watchdog press. Wake up America!

Green is the new Black

The NAACP came out recently in support of green jobs czar Van Jones. They called for "civility" I must live in a bubble. I didn't realize that the environment was so important to the black community. I had no idea that black organizations like the "Black Panthers" were busy installing recycling containers in black neighborhoods and were working diligently in laboratories to develop the next new wave of energy and battery technology. The Sierra club, Ducks unlimited, Greenpeace, Conservation international, and Earth liberation Front must be growing in membership like never before. I must of missed that Jesse Jackson march along the river picking up trash and all the protests to clean up the waterways. I didn't realize that Bird watching was so popular in the black community. I have yet to see a public service announcement encouraging recycling sponsored by the NAACP. I missed the public service announcement about the NBA players association trading their Escalades for the Toyota Prius. Where is the public service announcement from SnoopDog advocatiing recycling and nuclear energy. What Van Jones calls environmental justice is just a fancy name for slave reparations. Obama was apposed to reparations because they didn't go far enough. The mask is off this administration and its racist organizations.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

MSM "parents too stupid to raise children"

The White House Knew Mr.Jones

Intersting Mao info: Starting in 1951, Mao initiated two successive movements in an effort to rid urban areas of corruption by targeting wealthy capitalists and political opponents, known as the three-anti/five-anti campaigns. A climate of raw terror developed as workers denounced their bosses, wives turned on their husbands, and children informed on their parents; the victims often being humiliated at struggle sessions, a method designed to intimidate and terrify people to the maximum. Mao insisted that minor offenders be criticized and reformed or sent to labor camps, "while the worst among them should be shot. (Source Wiki)

I love documentaries!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sheep or Sheepdogs?

I am witnessing a time in our country when working people are having to stand up and be heard. They(we) have an energy on our side that is building momentum. We have had decades of communism infiltrating our government and our education system. People want to blame the Democrats for the problems in this country. I would like to remind folks that we have had a two party system in this country for too long. I would compare it to being mugged by two robbers. One holds the gun on you while the other empties your pockets, the whole time criticizing the guy holding the gun . Each time they rob someone they take turns holding the gun. We as a people are at a crossroads that the path we take will decide the loss of liberty in our country. Mr Beck tweeted "Common Sense, Real People Party" Its time has come! A simple Platform is all that is needed. Are we "In or Out"
Semper fi

Friday, September 4, 2009

A wordsmith for the times

I pledge to be the voice for those that “really” have no voice. To consider myself an American, not a conservative or a liberal American. To always find the truth in everything even if it’s not so pretty or popular. I pledge to stand corrected if ever I am wrong as the teacher is also the student and the student is also a teacher. I pledge to be the change “I” wish to see and not the change of another man. I pledge that in one hand I hold a pen, in the other I hold a white rose, in my heart I hold the ink and in my soul I hold a voice that will not be silenced. I pledge to paint each brush stroke with the bristles of my heart and strum my guitar with my soul even if my song goes unsung.
I pledge to make a mistake and learn from it as I am only human, made of flesh and bone like the rest of us. And if I find myself at the bottom of a hole it is only up to me to find the strength to climb out. And if a hole is dug by me, then I pledge to take the blame so long my hands grip the shovel. And should a hole be dug by me, I pledge to take the shame but I will dig it in my own way. I pledge that all mankind keep their families safe, sheltered, educated and informed.I pledge that as Americans leave their homes they do not forget to check the back door as some would take the opportunity to sneak in while you’re away and paint “race” on the walls of America.
I pledge to the Constitution of the United States of America and the braves lives lost in our battles. I pledge that all Americans take a long deep breathe, look up at the sky and rediscover what their freedoms means to them and make a promise to themselves and their loved ones and stick to it. I pledge that when we drive on the roads of our fathers, and those who disagree toss dirt on our windshield, that we each embrace the right to turn our wipers on in order to see the road that has always existed. I pledge to be color blind and not judge a man by the color of his skin but only by his character. I pledge to extend my hand to the man in need and ask for nothing in return, but I pledge to let him go if he torches my flag for my freedom will not be burned.
I pledge to never use propaganda for any political agenda whatsoever. It is my patriotic duty to expose the corruption that threatens the beliefs of our founding fathers for the blood that was shed at the birth of our country will not go forgotten. That includes those that like to play the act of God and assume that one mans rights are more important than another mans rights. I pledge that possession, pleasure and power make all men forget to live and it is us versus ourselves and we cant find the love to give. I pledge that all men should fully understand before they criticize.And that the facts, and only the facts be the fuel for the decisions behind their eyes. I pledge that the foundation of our true beliefs be are our very own and not an extension of the shadows of our parents existence for It only leads to an ignorant resistance.
But most importantly,I pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.Something I have yet to see our president do.