Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Justice only for minorities regardless of the constitution.

A supreme court nominee that thinks just being a Hispanic woman makes her more qualified than any white male. I quote "I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life". She already shows her contempt for the constitution. What are her "rich experiences" that make her more qualified than a white male? What if the white male is a constitutional scholar and is color blind as justice is supposed to be? Where does she ever mention the constitution and if any of her findings are based on the constitution or her experiences as a Latina woman? What is it about those experiences that make her wise about the constitution? The law should be applied regardless of sex, color or ethnicity. Equal under the law is what matters. Lets see if the republicans have the balls to fight this racist woman on her racists beliefs. The Obama administration is throwing the constitution to the wind. I will watch from the shadows to see how the republicans address this. Will they stand on principles? Will they cower down to political correctness? We will see.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Capitalist do it better!

I love the free hugs guy. He obviously hates competition. Competition is not fair!

Tyranny of Incompetence

I am sure our Founding Fathers never could have realized the tyranny that we face today. It is not a king, a dictator or even a military General. I think the tyrant of today is incompetence and rewarding the stupid, lazy, cowardice and paying them to breed. Lee Iacocca writes "Where have all the leaders gone?". They're sure not in Washington or in most homes in America anymore. Parents cant stand up to a 5 year old child, let alone a teenager, politician, student or co-worker. We have become a nation of Dorothys from the "Wizard of Oz", frantic with our oil can to quiet the tin man. God forbid that someone suffer discomfort along the road less traveled. To please everyone would be nice but is unrealistic. The word "winner" cannot exist without the word "loser". Someone has got to "lose" the race, in war there must be a "victor" or the war is truly not over. Our children do not know this anymore, they all get trophies. They throw words around like fair. Nothing in life is fair if you are on the losing end. Ask the people of Cuba or Venezuela how they like the fairness of their countries. With 600,000 jobs a month going away in this country, moms and dads are going to lose jobs. Young people are going to lose cars, cell phones, and cable television. Meanwhile back at the ranch, we allow our schools to pull the biggest scam ever. They teach our kids polar bears are drowning so that politicians can finally tax the air we breathe. May the pouting begin!