Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The wisdom of "Ronald Reagan"

This audio says it all ! Socialism and Communism are knocking at our doors and we are inviting it in. "God bless America" and "God help America"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Monkey see Monkey doo!!!

It is a rare occasion when I get to listen to a 911 call on every news program and read about it on every website. I cannot listen to "it ripped her face off" and keep a straight face. Why you ask? Because her primate lover ripped her friends face off. She should never have let that monkey watch wrestling programs,reality TV shows and especially American Idol. Rest in peace Travis. In the immortal words of Charlton Heston and I quote "Take your stinking paws off me,you damn dirty ape!" Friends should not let friends play with apes.

Friday, February 13, 2009

"Julio Osegueda" & "Henrietta Hughes"

I don't know if you recognize the name. He is the enthusiastic young McDonalds worker that thanks "God" everyday for "President Obama" coming to Florida. McDonalds should fire this dumb ass for going on TV and trying to make them look bad. Hey Julio, get a f__king life you goofy bastard. If you work at Mcdonalds for 4 years thinking they are going to give you a 401k and free health care. You are dumber than the meat you serve. I am so glad that the media reported how proud his mother is of him. I think it is time to kick him out of the basement with his cape and sword. "News Flash" McDonalds is not a career Julio. I am glad I quit College before I became as educated as Julio. Keep getting those student loans and drinking the Kool-aid Julio.

Henrietta Hughes,
What can we say about poor old Henrietta Hughes. I would like to say that having a son that is 37 yrs old living with you is sick. Kick him out of the car or house or tent or cardboard box and tell his ass to get a "Job". Oh let me guess? is she his drug dependency payee? she receives $800.00+ a month disability payments. How does a woman living in a car get a ticket to an "Obama" town hall meeting that the tickets are selling online for $1000.00 a ticket! Can you say the "Obama" people sought her out days before and planted her right at that microphone. Keep drinking the Kool-aid people and attending the revivals. The Money will run out soon enough.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

America and its enemies!

I would like to share an experience with you that happened yesterday. I have been fortunate enough to witness the rebirth of the "American Bald Eagle" in the wilds of Ohio. I was along the Scioto river a couple years ago and spotted what I thought was a Bald Eagle. I had never witnessed a Bald Eagle except at the zoo. When I told people what I saw,they doubted me. I now see them about once a week and others have seen them too. This is an enormous amazing animal. I never thought I would ever witness a Bald Eagle in flight in the wild in my life time. It is a sign of the times. Just when you think this great country is down and out (yes we are broke people. If you don't believe me call the 26 million laid off factory workers in China and ask them if we are still buying their stuff). We must remember that we will get back up.

Tyrants are here in America. They roam the halls of our schools indoctrinating our children into sheep. They roam the city council chambers of our cities. They roam the state houses of every state and governors mansions. They are rampant in Washington D.C. They are the modern day tyrants that are loyal to the "King". They are the "Kings" subjects. Anyone that disagrees with them is obviously ignorant and uneducated. The new "King" thrives in the universities where they give the young people a diploma and a payment book. Oh what it must feel like to have a degree for a job that pays $35,000 a year and $120,000 or more in student loans to pay and live in poverty for most of your life to pay the "King". The new "King" knows no boundaries he is guarded by the "World" "Global" "Environmental" subjects. I have faith that the freedom loving people of this country will recover and rise again for freedom and liberty to reign once more.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Welcome Readers!

If you are reading this. The public education system has failed you. You have decided to educate yourself regardless of Teachers, Bureaucrats, Politicians and Journalists. Sit back and Enjoy. Check out other suggested reading on this blog. I will from time to time have commentary regarding "The News of the day", Politics and anything else that strikes my fancy. I may feature funny videos from the infamous "Mr Miller" who keeps me stocked with funny videos that I appreciate. Again welcome