Saturday, July 17, 2010

The War in America

A million dollars worth of heroin is sold somewhere near my home in one month. Politicians speak about diversity. Illegals are employed all over the city. Community organizers move people in and out of homes they cannot afford. School districts raise taxes to educate non-English speaking children. Social services are out of money. The jail and prison systems spend billions to incarcerate illegal alien criminals. The progressive government continues to destroy America on its insane quest for utopia. The envy of the world has now become the target of the world in an all out joint effort to destroy America. We are at war and our government is in denial of it because they are infiltrated by the enemy. If you don't think that some of the billions of dollars a year made from drug trafficking is finding its way to Washington D.C., you need to stop with the fairy dust. We have troops and transportation guarding the poppy fields in the Middle East. Do Poppy plants grow in Mexico? Heroin finds its way here all day long on the backs of Mexicans and you don't think our government is involved? Wake up, the enemy is in Washington and the state houses all across America. You can't even get Politicians to talk about securing our borders let alone build a fence. We have to realize we are at war and it is with our politician drug and people peddlers.

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