Saturday, December 4, 2010

The single issue gun organization

I would like to take this opportunity for full disclosure. I am a Life member of the NRA, concealed carry license holder, and a certified firearms instructor. What I have witnessed during this last election cycle was pure genius by the left (Progressive) political machine. The NRA and many other state and local firearms rights organizations have always been single issue organizations. When questioned as to why they endorse a candidate willing to associate and support anti-gun people in their cabinets or in their own party, I always receive the same answer. "We are a single issue group." The DemocRats are well versed in the single issue trait of these organizations. In Washington D.C., NRA endorsed politicians approved supreme court justice nominees that are blatantly anti-Constitution and especially anti-2nd Amendment. The end game for the DemocRats and Progressive Communists of either party is not gun bans. Gun control was rejected by the American people after the Brady and assault weapons bans of the 90's. The Left shifted strategy, they would no longer try to ban guns but would try to make ownership inconvenient and too expensive, that way only the wealthy elite will be able to afford and manipulate the regulations. If 4 senators claim to never have voted against the 2nd Amendment, yet approve a supreme court Justice that will rule against gun rights, they have not only created political cover for themselves, but have used gun owner money to do it. It is time for the NRA to look at the whole picture and stop hiding behind the "single issue" argument. Is that what the progressives that have infiltrated the gun rights organizations want? I question whether my hard earned money spent with the NRA is taken for granted. I ended support of a local gun rights organization, when I discovered they were using union press releases, that were blatant lies, to back a candidate. When the lies were brought to the attention of the organization, the response was "So what!". In closing remember one thing, a gun is worthless without ammo. How much do you have?

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