Saturday, May 8, 2010

I walk the line

Days have passed since the West Virginia coal mine disaster that gained national attention. No politician or media outlet that could exploit the pain and suffering of these fine people missed an opportunity. That evil mining company should be investigated by the Obama administration for safety violations and not protecting the employees from hazards. If these guys only had a Union that would stand up to the evil coal mine operators. The Union wouldn't let their members go into unsafe coal mines and get killed or destroy their lungs with coal dust. If only those guys in those coal mines had a Union to protect them from the big bad coal mine operators. They sure wouldn't mind paying Union dues for someone to look out for them and keep the mine operators honest. This is the missing piece to the puzzle as to why their are so many coal mine accidents. They would be way better off with Union representation looking out for their best interest. I am sure the grieving families will get right on the organizing of the mine workers union right away. Remember as is taught in so many union approved work safety training courses "Safety is every bodies responsibility". Forget about organizing that Union for the miners. The united mine workers of America already exist, in fact all the men killed in West Virginia were members. I wont hold my breath as the Obama administration and the media and the surviving families ask for answers from the union representation from the West Virginia mine that should have been filing grievences all the way to Washington on safety conditions in this mine. One thing I am sure of, the buck never seems to stop anywhere except faceless evil companies so that no person in charge is or ever will be held responsible for anything that goes wrong. That should be the new Union and Progressive Motto. Here is a link to the guys that have been paid to look out for the safety of coal miners.

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