Friday, February 12, 2010

Is the Tea Party movement all wet?

My excitement with the conservative movement has dwindled as of late. I watched the birth of the Tea Party movement and became enthusiastic about restoring my country to what the founders intended it to be. Our nation is engaged in a war of ideas that the progressives have had a 100 year head start. This will be a fierce war in the cities, media and our education system. I cannot and will not be a Republican Lemming. I believe in the Principle before party idea. I have been hesitant about the tea party movement since my home town movement was hi-jacked early on by the Republican Party and Mr. John Kasich (Retread)here in Ohio. I have watched Dick Army and his gang move right along working to "absorb" the Tea Party (Sarah Palins words recently). I have witnessed liberals speaking at events. People cheer the phony conservatives as they speak and I ask myself who signs these folks up to speak. The death of the Tea Party will be leaders like Sarah Palin that will not take off her republican hat and wants the republican party to "absorb" the tea Party movement. Is the tea Party movement that easily fooled. As I listened to Debra Medina on Glenn Beck uses words like diversity and described herself as a 20 year grassroots republican activist it occurred to me that anyone that would follow her and not see her for what she is would follow just about anybody that threw out a few catch phrases. The Tea Party movement better wake up or it will perish fast and lose any credibility. How about a tea Party vetting litmus test. If a Politician uses the word "diversity", they are a progressive. If a Politician uses the word "grassroots", they are a progressive. If a politician tells you they are "Just like you" they are a progressive. If a politician tells you "its alright to vote for someone you only agree with 80% of the time" they are a progressive. Remember that our country got in the shape its in because people were asleep and too lazy to pay attention and research candidates. These are usually the folks that cry out for term limits so that they can go back to sleep. Our founding fathers deserve better of us all.

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  1. I would have to say that I fear you are right. Already the Tea Party groups have spintered into a dozen or so. Maybe that is a good think but I kind of doubt it.

    In my thinking I suspect that the business and usual folks will play the Tea Party folk like a familiar instrument and have them marching to some song. Worse yet they could divide the vote and leave us with the dregs in office.

    Thanks Rob.